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My story is a landscape of intricately woven miracles, carefully designed to point to an all-powerful, faithful, and living God. It is unfortunate that there are few types of tribulations that I would not be able to counsel someone on from personal experience. Yet, it is also quite fortunate, because God has planted within me a heart for hurting women. The brokenness of my past allows me to comfort others through the pain and knowledge of shared experiences. The victory that I have experienced helps me to encourage others toward faith in a God Who is more than capable at moving mountains. And while I am not my story, my story has contributed to who I am. God uses every aspect of my story to accomplish His good purpose. And He desires to do the same with Yours.

We were not saved, delivered, healed, strengthened or rescued simply for our own good. But, instead God poured grace liberally into our lives so that one day He might use as vessels from which to pour onto others.

Our lives are a product of favor and grace. Our story was crafted to be told.

How many people know your story? Our stories are powerful. Through them, God can bring healing and encouragement to someone lost in despair. There is freedom and strength in knowing that someone else has been where we are, and they have not only survived, but have come through the other side victorious!

Throughout the week, the Hope Day Wednesday Page is open to anyone wishing to share their story of hope and grace with someone waiting to hear it. Simply enter your story into the form with any other information you want to share. If you are a blogger or writer or have a website, feel free to leave your website URL for the readers to connect with you later. Then, on Hope-Day Wednesday, individual stories will be added to Your Stories to offer hope and encouragement to someone who may need it.


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  1. What a powerful and strong post. God is faithful, God is Mercy, and everything in this World.
    I visited you via The Good. The Random. The Fun. v. 19
    If not already part of SSPS, and are interested, find my entries: 24+25, and then navigate toward the bottom of my page for the Senior Salon Pit Stop linkup, we hope to meet you there virtually.

    1. Thanks for stopping by and for the invite! God bless!

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