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It takes all Kinds to Accomplish Kingdom Work

I am a fan of motion.

I am most comfortable when I am doing something. And I am terrible at doing nothing.

Combined with a gift of creativity, a heart for people, and an entrepreneurial spirit, I am almost always busy with a task or project I have created, been appointed to, or volunteered for.

I have had to learn to abide in the peace of Christ during difficult and trying seasons. If not, this tendency toward action can speed into hyper-drive, transforming me into someone who rarely has time to be still because she is so busy doing. If you incline to hide in busyness, I recently wrote a post that you might find encouraging.

Like many who read this, I found this type of pace unnerving. I longed to be different than who I am. I wholeheartedly desired to be more like other Christian women, who seemed more thoughtful and restrained. Yet, as I have matured and faced challenges, I have learned to see the beauty in God’s wisdom of gifting individuals with unique personalities.

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The traits that make it hard to pull me from my work before I have finished also help me to press through when the work gets challenging, or the world around me becomes difficult. Through many of my trials, I heard, “I don’t know how you do it” or “If it was me, I don’t think I could do that”. My consistent response is, “It’s not me – It’s God”.

And that is entirely true.

But one of the ways that God enables me is through the traits that He has designed for me and placed within me. Because the truth is

I am fearfully and wonderfully made.

Have you ever studied anatomy and the way the human body functions? Have you ever really thought about how a woman’s body adjusts to conceive, mature, and bring a new life to birth? It is amazing! It serves as further evidence of an intelligent creator God who has thoughtfully and intricately designed us.

God formed us and knows us. We have been deliberately and intentionally designed from the inside out.

The same personality features that provide growth opportunities, and require us to walk in self-control through a life submitted to Christ, also enable us to accomplish more extraordinary feats for His purpose and through His strength and power.

Without Christ, a daring and creative spirit full of curiosity can often lead to foolish bravado, but in His loving hands, it compels us to dare to accomplish the impossible through and for Christ.

Without Christ, a seemingly endless supply of energy and a bubbly personality can unsettle our peers. Through Christ, we persevere in hope during the most desperate of situations and encourage others to persevere.

Without Christ, a natural introvert having a suspicious and searching mind is often lonely and secretly longs for friendship. But through Him, we are gifted with discernment to edify those relationships we are bold enough to engage in.

Without Christ, insecurities influence the talkative nature toward self-centered topics. But through Christ, we are encouraged and emboldened to share our testimony as guided by the Holy Spirit to give God glory and lead others to the throne of grace. We are also empowered to understand the importance of listening and responsive dialogue as an effective tool for offering healing to the hurting.

Without Christ, we may have a truthful but unnecessarily blunt conversational style. But through Christ, we can speak the truth in love, boldly proclaiming the power of Christ to forgive and heal, gently restoring others from sin.

Without Christ, we may be prone to a critical spirit and tend toward self-pity. But through Christ, we willingly acknowledge our continual need for mercy and grace and more freely offer it to others.

Each of us was created with a unique and specific purpose in mind. You and I may be very different, but our differences will enable us to walk out our various callings. Yet, you and I were not simply created. We were designed. And,

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We each have been appointed strengths, weaknesses, gifts, and struggles within His design. The many personality traits that make us who we are, whether we consider them good or bad, strong or weak, were intentionally included or allowed.

The personal feature you consider a hindrance could be a vital part of God’s plan for carrying out His will in and for your life.

He has drafted a Kingdom assignment specifically for you to fulfill, and He trusts you and has designed you to complete it. That trait that causes you frustration, the one you have been trying to change through your own power or wish would plain disappear, is present to draw you closer to Christ. He is waiting for you to surrender it to Him so that He can mold it, shape it, use it, and therefore use you mightily.

For further study: Psalm 139: 13-14, Psalms 119:73, 1 Corinthians 12:13-20, Jeremiah 1:5, Ephesians 1:4

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